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I want to take up 3 ft X 5 ft pieces of 3" slab, and use them elsewhere. How much does such a piece weigh? I am 200 lb.s and a very strong back. Would you guess I could move one of these pieces end over end? If not, I'll bust 'em up. Thanks.
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Concrete averages between 145 and 165 pounds per cubic foot. Result: 545 to 620 pounds. If the point is to move them in tack, don't flip them end to end. Use pipe rollers instead.

Bar, blocks, truck or car inner tube, air pump, (heavy cardboard or thin plywood)scrap wood strips, nails, 3 pieces 2 1/2" pipe about 3 1/2' to 4' long. Sch 40 PVC or ABS
will work for a while before breaking.

Bar the first section up, then block it. The point is to lift it enough so the inner tube, plywood or cardboard, can be inserted toward the center of the slab. The inner tube will lift it the rest of the way. Place cardboard or plywood on both sides of the tube to sandwich it. Pump, and the slab is lifted. Don't worry about the tube, it will lift a few tons.

Place wood strips the length of the slab, then nail blocks on the ends to keep them in place. The wood strips keep the slab from breaking, and the rollers from sticking on exposed rock. Now you're ready to move it anywhere the pipe rollers will fit. Use two rollers underneath. For something that small a rope and a helper to move the rollers comes to mind.
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Thanks for reply; I got it printed. Now all I have to do is wait til thaw (Minnesota)!
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