General Foundation crack question

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General Foundation crack question

Just wondering...are hairline foundation cracks easier to spot in the winter than summer?

I am finding around every 6 to 10 feet I have a crack...some of them are pencil thin....and some are slightly larger...but still less than 1/16th of an inch. All are vertical in nature...maybe a little wander here and there...and none are stepped.

The house is 8 years old and faily large...I estimate that I have a total of 7 cracks in all....and like I said most are barely noticeable.

The ones that I can see look a bit 'weathered' so I am assuming they have been there for a while (?).

Now...I will admit that I am obsessive compulsive, so I have been down on all fours checking every millimeter of exposed foundation wall, some of these cracks you would never see unless you had a magnifying glass.

Just curious and keeping an eye on my investment.
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General Foundation crack question

When the wall gets colder the wall materials shrink and cracks become more noticeable.

If they are just the usual shrinkage cracks you may be pressed to find them in the end of summer unless you have 20X or better magnifier.

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