Inclosing a garage.


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I plan to inclose the double garage on my home for use as a den. I have talked to people about this but would like a little more info. Ok, here is the problem. To prevent rain from entering. Do I need to add 4" of concrete in the whole area? OR. Can I get by with just building a 4" high 4" wide strip in the openings of the garage? If I have to add 4" to the intire area, the ceiling will be less than 8' heigh. I understand that FHA will not finance a home with less than 8' ceilings. The cost of raising the rafters would be too high. Any comments or suggestions are greatly appreciated? Thanks in advance! Jeff
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A concrete "strip" is an option, but, a curb on top of the slab is not the best idea.
A curb does not solve the shear problem, and bolts into the slab will eventually rust out.

A better option is to cut the slab back about 18", then removed it. Afterward dig down to the footing. The next step would be drill for rebar dowels, into the foundation and slab. (Rebar dowels are threaded rebar, with a threaded insert. The inserts are either epoxied or cemented in place with anchoing cements). The point is to tie everything together. With rebar in place, between the foundation and tied to the slab, and things well compacted, form for a curb, then pour the entire thing.
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Thank You! 2000. This is an option that has not been considered. But sounds like it would be the best and most effecient way to go about the project. Once again Thank You !! Jeff
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