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My house is approx. 100 years old. I have a stone fireplace that is in much need of a cleaning, any ideas??? Also our chimney leans really bad to one side once it reaches the attic, why is this?
Thanks Haley
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The general approach to cleaning is a stiff bruch and some netural soap plus a lot of elbow grease. For tough stains a poltice of whiting and naptha (available at paint stores) will help to pull the stain from the stone. Mix to a paste, apply, let dry, repeat if necessary.

Leaning is generally the result of degraded mortar from Hydrogen Sulfide gas (a by product of combustion and a component of "Acid Rain"). When Hydrogen Sulfide gas combines with moisture it forms Sulfuric Acid, which in turn attacts the mortar. Many of the older stone fireplaces were built without flue liners, which aggervates the problem. Combine degraded mortar with the affects of wind pressure and it not too hard to figure out which way a chimney will lean.
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