Getting paint off of brick houses

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We bought a beautiful old brick home, but whoever last painted the outside trim did a careless job. There is a line of white paint framing the windows, doors and garage doors. As we are about to have our windows replaced with aluminum-clad windows, this paint-line will become more obvious. What is the easiest way to remove paint from brick?
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The easiest way is sand blasting, but that's too intensive for your problem. Things that will work include Goof Off (latex paint), Toluene (latex or oil), Easy Off Oven Cleaner (latex or oil), Lacquer Thinner (latex or oil), graffeti remover. All involve application plus some rubbing with a rag or scrubbing with a stiff brush. Sorry, but there are no real easy ways, without damaging the brick or mortar.
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The person that posted that should be shot...

Then, after being shot they should be drawn and quartered.



Try something called Peel Away from:

I bought it at Lowes.

Whatever you do please DO NOT scratch, scrape, cut, de-gloss,
or for the love of god sandblast your brick. The thing that makes
your brick stay together is the nice shiny outside edge of it where
the fire melted the clay during firing. If you destroy the outside
skin of your brick you will end up with this:

Now go read this:


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