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WOODPECKER is pecking on top corner of outside of house by the eve of the roof. What can I use to keep him awy?


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Depends on how good of a shot you are (.22 or 12-gauge). Oops. Wrong bird. (Just kidding.) Woodpeckers are protected almost everywhere now I think. It may be pecking to eat wood bees or other insects in wood, or it may be pecking to open a nesting hole. It will leave after it eats all of the insects, or it will try to nest. If it trys to nest, you can try to trap it with a fishing net or something over the hole, and release it a LONG way from your house. (Have seen this done). They are pesky and hard to get rid of, but they can be chased away with noise. However, they are persistant, so you will have to be, too. Good Luck!
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The only woodpecker repellent that I know of (in the form of a paint additive): http://www.advancedtechnologysupply.com/atsadditive.htm
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Get a cat.

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Horse supply stores carry a chemical spray that is made of pepper extract and can be sprayed on split rail fences to stop horses from chewing on them. I am trying it on my cedar siding in an attempt to keep a woodpecker away.
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Thumbs up Welcome to our forums!

Just so you know, in four days will be the 12th anniversary of the last post in this thread!
Hopefully they have solved their problem by now.

One trick you can use to deter a woodpecker is to provide an alternate food source.
We feed birds here and for woodpeckers we use suet.
You can buy small pre-made cakes and put it on a small suet feeder or make your own if you are adventurous.

I doubt pepper would work because they only chip the surface of trees away to eat what is underneath the surface.
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Should it help anyone, I hung some aluminum foil on the hinge of window near where they were attacking and it flopping in the wind appears to have kept them away.
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12 yrs... that's got to be a record of sorts!

This reminds me of a problem we've had at our congregation the past couple years. We used to have solid steel entry doors. Well we made some improvements and got a nice Kawneer storefront door with sidelights. Dark bronze, with bronze glass. Looks really nice. Well what we didn't anticipate was that one of the local Robins can see her reflection in the tinted glass, and she fights with herself. Pecking at the glass... pooping as she fights, going back and forth the length of the door... and then beating her feathers in the white poop and gets it all over the glass. Just what you want to see on a Sunday morning.


We have just decided that if we see her starting a nest in any of the low trees or shrubs that we will just move the nest so that she flies elsewhere. Rubber snakes laying in front of the doors would probably just scare all the old ladies. LOL

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