Slope of Concrete Garage Floor

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Slope of Concrete Garage Floor


I have a garage floor about 20 by 22 feet and it slopes towards the house instead of towards the driveway. The slope is not alot, but it is enough so that in the winter all the snow melt will run towards the garage wall which is shared with the house. The water gets to the wall and the drywall tends to wick the water and get damaged. For the obvious reasons of water damage, mold etc., I would prefer to have the slope of the garage go towards the garge door. I have thought of the following options but would like your opinions:

1) Do you think it is possible to have it raised up bit by one of the those "sunken concrete" companies?
2) Should I have the entire thing skimmed to raise it up a bit?
3) I would like to get the garage covered with an epoxy you think it is possible to cover the floor and have the coating be thicker in one area and thinner in another to provide just enough slope to at least keep it from running towards the house? The slope is not significant...just enough to have the water run towards the wall. Also, when those epoxy coatings are applied do they apply them up the wall an inch or so onto the drywall? Do they crack when that happens.

What I really want is to prevent the water from getting to the drywall, I don't care so much that it puddles on the garage floor as long as it does not get to the wall....

Any thoughts or ideas would be great.

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Slabjacking (raising concrete) would be option #1. This assumes that there's negative slope because the existing slab sunk.
Do not try to correct the slope by skim coating and applying the material thicker at the back of the garage. This attempt would fail.
An option for keeping the water off the drywall would be to pour a small concrete curb around the inside perimeter of the garage. It would act as a dam to keep the water away from the drywall.

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