asphalt driveway is a mess

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asphalt driveway is a mess

so I had my driveway paved a few years ago. I was offered a "free sealing" with it which was never provided. My phone calls were never returned and so on and so on.
now, I have some cracks in the driveway, some weeds coming through which I have sprayed. I know I should have got on this sooner but life got in the way.

What do I need to do to fix the cracks and what can I seal this myself? What should I get at Lowes/Home Depot?
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You can get the products you need to the job yourself at the big box stores. From what I understand, it will need to be done about every other year. A professional seal coating will last longer do to the higher quality products they use and some (the better ones IMO) are even applied hot.
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I had my driveway done last year and when I checked here the current recommendation was to wait a year before applying sealer. Glad I didn't wait - the asphalt we used was something called ID-3 in PA and it's a mixture as near as I can tell of both fine (less than 3/8" stone) and coarse (less than 1.5 gravel) plus your tar-binder - with probably more coarse stone. Recommended for graded installs, which our driveway was. Well, in some places when laid it looks like a standard paved driveway in terms of 'look' and 'surface texture' and in other places, much coarse texture. It was where those rougher places were that some of the 'stone' started popping up after 3 months.
I got 2 cans of asphalt roof tar and the small-particle asphalt patch they sell at Lowe's - repaired all the areas where a stone had popped loose or where there were some cracks.
I mix some of the roof cement (more flexible) with the stiffer patch mix and apply with a putty-knife to missing stone-holes or cracks. Then for a 10' X 120' driveway on a 5% grade, purchased 25-5gal pails of Lowe's best driveway sealer @$30.00/pail-10yr warranty.
This past winter was exceptionally bad and I had to plow almost every day/every other day through the worst of it in Jan/Feb. The driveway sealer held up great. Even with tire chains, snow plow and the slippage you get in ice/snow, there are only places where they skimmed the sealant off the top. Driveway is in great shape. None of my patched areas were scrapped off either.
This year though, I'm going to wait until the end of season when the 5 year warranty asphalt sealer goes on-sale/clearance @$20.00/5gal pail - get about 15 pails and coat the driveway again. Unless next winter is as bad as this past, I probably won't do it for a couple of years at least.

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