Landscape Driveway

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Landscape Driveway

Hello Community,

I am not sure if I am in the right sections so if not please forgive me.

I am trying to find some ideas to fix a drive way inexpensively. I have a driveway that is approximately 70ft long that can be seen here ~~>

The problem that I am having is there is about a 6" drop off the right hand side of the driveway. People keep driving off of when trying to back out of my driveway. I only have about $1000 to spend so I am reaching out for some ideas. Any help would be GREAT!!

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Pavement Marker Studs

Hello Otto,

My drop-offs are far steeper than yours after pouring a new section of concrete at start of driveway. Other than one exception, those several people who came close to driving off the concrete did so at night. Without lighting, itís hard to see the contours of my driveway.

To solve the concern, I used pavement marker studs as they illuminate from the taillights when backing out although they are two-sided causing them to illuminate both coming in and backing out. After 3 years, Iíve not had anyone go off the driveway or even come close. Having said that, Iím sure one of my drunken or stoned friends will prove to me that it can still be done. The green ones are KT-201-2 G/G/G. The red ones are KT-201-2 W/W/R. Search Results : K-Lite USA,LLC Pavement markers, The way the road should be!. I thought two-colors might be more eye catching than a single color. They are secured w/ a butyl pad KT-BP.

The other thing Iíve seen done is installation of bricks along the edges which act as a warning bump should someone drive upon them. However, it would be more expensive and they tend to trap water and debris.
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look on ebay for ' roadstuds ',,, they're $ . 99 at auction,,, we sell 'em for $ 45.00 installed ( min 5 ) Beer 4U2
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You coul also load up the back of that pickup with topsoil and dump it along the edge so the drop off isn't so far should they still go over the edge.
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I agree with drooplug. Using top soil is the easiest and cheapest solution.
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Extruded concrete curbing looks nice.

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