Paver Patio Base Depth And Pitch


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Paver Patio Base Depth And Pitch

Hey folks,

I'm putting in a 600 sq ft paver patio around an inground pool.

I've excavated the land, compacted it, layed commercial grade fabric (to help with soil stabalization), and now am ready to apply the base. I've hit a snag though. On one section (15' X 10') the excavation wasn't deep enough. I'm only going to be getting 4" of the 3/4" Crusher Run base there and I'll only get that if I pitch 1" over 8'.

Now...I've read a number of places that say those figures work, but they are the minimum. I've read other places that say you want at least 6" of base and 2" over 8'.

Before I spend $300+ renting a dingo to re-excavate this area and kill another day on it I wanted to see what you guys thought. Will I be ok with 4" of base with a pitch of 1" over 8'? Would I actually be better with 3" of base with a 2" pitch over 8'? Or do I need that 6" of base?

Note: This is in Massachusetts. Also, the soil below is really hard (and rocky).
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Do you mean 4" of crushed recycle & does that leave room for a 1/2" of sand?
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The surface of the compacted base should be parallel to the slope of the finished paver surface (pavers course 101 in school).

The sand setting bed is recommended to be a 1" layer of uncompacted, clean concrete sand but less may be used, but not ideal.

The base will primarily dictate the possiblr deflection and the sub-base also has an effect. How good is your base material and compaction and what will be under it? It is not all rocket science with an exact answer, but is based on what works without problems. A thinner base may work, but if the sub-base (natural soil) is not real god there could be a problem, but the intent of the base it spread out the loads and keep the surface as placed.

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The sub base is standard fill. It compacts well. Basic question is:

I can have 4" of base (towards the outer edges) with a 1" pitch over 10'. Or I can have 3" of base there with a 2" pitch over 10'. Or I spend a few hundred bucks and rent a mini excavator and get it to be 6" of base with a 2" pitch.

I'm leaning towards option 1 (4" of base with a 1" pitch over 10'). Much of it will still be 5" and some even 6".

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