base for 18"x18"x2"pavers?


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base for 18"x18"x2"pavers?

I have some 18" pavers for a backyard walkway but they don't seem to hast over 2 years.I have small gravel under them.we live in the midwest with good black soil.Am i installing them right or are the pavers too big?I have been using seconds from a brickyard. What you think? thainks
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Not sure what you mean by "they don't last". Do they crack or split? Are they the cheap cement pavers from a Home Center?

As I understand...pavers need about a 4-6" compacted base. Regular gravel won't work as it will never really "lock" together. Crushed limestone or "paver base" over a layer of landscaping fabric is I think whats normally done...

Just do a search for "installing pavers" or "base for pavers"
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I think the base is the problem - sand over a compacted base is the norm for pavers, gravel is not a good choice
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base for 18" pavers

actually i used the paver patio crushes pieces that look like lime,but i only had about 2" of that over 2 iches compacted sand.They cracked some in half,some alot more pieces.I bought them from a wholesale outlet for $2.25 apiece for seconds. Would sackrete do a better job than pavers?
You guys live in special locations.One lives near the grand canyon,i presume. the other must live at north pole city.
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Anything 18x18 would not really be a paver, but should be considered a stepping stone.

For $2.25, you may have gotten what you paid for. You bought seconds that could not be sold a first quality for some reason.

"Good black dirt" is not acceptable base (but is good for growing things) and could promote settlement and cracking unless you have at least 6" of good compacted base over it. It also holds a lot of moisture as long as there is something over it.

What is the failure mode? - Cracking in large pieces, general deterioration or scaling/spalling. Photos would be the best way to describe your problem accurately.

Your location is not really unique, but does have its problems. There are places in Alaska hotter than an Illinois cornfield now and parts of Arizona are cooler than you are now. You have more severe freeze-thaw conditions than either place because of the annual cycles. - Durability and deterioration depends on the installation and exposure AND the quality of what you sweated to install.


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