Cutting brick with a normal circular saw????

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Hello, i have a question, im presently installing a wall unit Air Cond. I need to cut the outside wall to fit the ac. I have a regular circular saw. I was told that they make masonary blades to fit such a saw. HAving the texture of a grinding wheel more or less. My question is this, Does this sound right? and if so do i have to water the blade as i cut???? Its only brick and morter. Thank you for your time!
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Yes we just finished doing a brick patio. We used a masonary blade (Home depot-$19). Some suggestions:

1. Don't try to cut through it all at once. Make several cuts each a little deeper than the next.
2. Wear eye protection and a dust mask.
3. Move the saw SLOWLY.
4. A fan blowing over the cutting surface was helpful to move the dust and sparks.
5. It is a dry cut process.
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Thank you so much for your reply, i actually stopped at home depot today and picked up such a blade. Tomorrow will be the true test. Keeping fingers crossed but i feel confident. I will use your suggestions!later!

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