Crack in Foundation


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Crack in Foundation

Greetings all. I have an atrium ranch home that we bought new and have been in about 15 years. When we bought the home there was a crack in the INTERIOR foundation that had been treated with epoxy. We were assured (of course) that it was no big deal. This year I notice that the crack had extended to the exterior. Then a couple of weeks ago when we got a DRIVING rain from the north (where the crack is), for the first time ever I noticed water leaking into the basement from the crack. As best as I can tell, the house does not have leveling issues or any other indications of uneven settling.

I assume that at a minumum the crack needs to be sealed in some way -if for no other reason than to keep water from entering, freezing and expanding the crack. What I hope to be able to get from the experts here is some advice about to go about the repair. I want to avoid calling someone in who will quote, perform and charge for something that is overkill.

Is this potentially something I can address with a trip to Home Depot? I recently bought some self-leveling driveway caulk... I was tempted to put that in the crack, but then thought it could make further (proper) repairs, if needed, more difficult.

Many thanks!
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You only see part of the crack. It goes below grade. Therefore, you have to dig to the footing & seal it with a membrane.
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we're gonna assume the foundation wall is concrete as no one ( in his right mind ) wold ever attempt to repair a masonary block unit w/epoxy ( btw, not forgetting some apron store idiot recommended it )

emecole is fairly diy friendly if you really want to diy,,, the previous poster's correct if you don't OR its masonary block,,, houses move & walls crack - even mine

most pro waterproofers want to install pumps to limit liability,,, IF you can find an icri local pro, he'll probably inject the crk w/hydrophyllic polyurethane,,, the difficult part's diagnosing the problem then picking the correct mtls/method

no pro buys anything from an apron store ( ooops, forgot - we buy tape measures )

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