new look for old concrete????

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new look for old concrete????

I have a concrete pad at the entry to my garage which is 28'x 32' and a gravel driveway that leads up to it from the street. The concrete pad is about 16 yrs old and has developed some cracks and the surface has some light chipping and scalding in places. About 3 yrs ago i cut along both sides of these cracks at an angle away from the crack at a depth of about 1''. In other words cutting it like this so as to make it larger at the bottom and tappering in to about half an inch at the top and about 2'' at the bottom to form like a key way to lock in the new concrete. I also cut out slots cross ways of the cracks and place steel bolts every few feet in hopes of stopping any further cracking. After doing this i mixed portland cement with sand to make a soupy like consistency. I also used the bonding liquid stuff they sell before i filled in with the cement. After i finished it all and let it cure a few days i stained the entire pad with concrete stain, and it all looked really good. But after about 3 yrs the cracks have returned and the scalding in places. Is there any way to permanently fix or resurface this with out raising the height of the concrete more than 1/8'' to 1/4'' maximum, because i would not want to step down going into the garage...........thanks to anyone with some knowlege and experience in this.
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You were lucky for 3 years. Unfortunately, the pad needs to be replaced. Sorry for the bad news.
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maybe it does OR maybe it can be saved,,, sounds as if all you did was try to keyway the cracks & didn't allow for any expansion/contraction,,, IF the joints were properly placed, the conc should've cracked IN them,,, IF crks are repaired properly, joints MUST be sawed full depth too allow for the movement.

IF its not cracked TOO badly, it can be saved,,, for best results, 4" conc slabs should be no larger than 10 x 10 & never exceed 2x the length in width all that'll happen is random cracking as the conc tries to square itself.

new conc is NOT the proper repair method - spall repair is also different w/different materials,,, the ' stitching ' was a good idea but an improper method for the nec repair,,, normally you don't need load transfer bars in a driveway.

there are polymer-modified conc mixes specifically made for this purpose - find some of them at - good luck !

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