Patio installation advice

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Patio installation advice

Couple of quick questions for a concrete paver installation:

1. How level does the excavated dirt need to be before applying the aggregate? Living in the northeast, the rocks are driving me crazy. I'm using a plate compactor and 4 inches of aggregate.

2. How dry does the excavated dirt need to be before applying the aggregate? I live in a poor drainage area and while there is no standing water, the dirt is still moist from rainfall 3 days ago.

3. I'm using 3/4' processed gravel as a sub-base, however I have a huge load of 1' washed is alright to mix this 1' gravel in with the 3/4' processed?
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If I'm reading your post correctly, you don't need gravel on top of the aggregate. Compact the dirt. Throw the 4" of aggregate & the rest should be fine sand.
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I assume this is a interlocking paver patio using the most common pavers (less than 10" maXimum dimension). If so:

1. Get the compacted base and grade to allow the placement of a UNIFORM 1" layer of screeded UNCOMPACTED concrete sand for a setting bed.

2. Lay the pavers tight with minimum joints (good pavers have spacers cast in the sides).

3. If necessary cut/split/saw any odd pavers.

4. Install edge restraint (steel, aluminum, plastic or concrete).

5. Sprinkle mason sand over the patio and sweep into the joints.

6. Vibrate with a plate compactor to vibrate sand into the joints, draw sand up into the joints and to also level the pavers.

This is a standard method for interlocking pavers for patios, driveways, streets airport taxiways or massive harbor storage facility with large loads. The base materials and thickness just change and the paver thickness changes very little.

For a sidewalk or a casual patio, some "cheating" is allowed, but never on the uniform 1" thick setting bed and vibration unless it is really casual or rustic. The compacted base must be parallel and 1" below the paver surface even if the finished surface is sloped for drainage.


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