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Basement Help

I'm new to this forum, and I'm not sure if this is the right place to post my concerns. I've built a basement, with plans to construct a "regular" house on top of it. But a change of plans has happened and now I would like to finish the basement and live in it. I plan to install roof trusses and cut the block for a door and windows, but I need to know how to go about this? Can someone give me some guidance?
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If you have not already done so, perhaps the best thing to do now is to contact your local building inspector. Make sure your windows and openings are the appropriate size to allow egress because any areas designated as bedrooms need an escape hatch. You probably already obtained your building permit originally issued and will have to obtain a certificate of occupancy. I am not sure this is even allowed you will have to see what local codes say about your situation.

There is also a current thread about opening up a basement wall active right now you may be interested in studying.

If your basement is just the four walls and floor with no joist or rafters to support than it will be easier to construct your opening. Once you have established your Rough opening sizes you will be ready to start. The R/O needs adjustment if you are including a window or door buck. At any rate plan & size windows accordingly so you can minimize any block cutting. Basically start at the top course and for simplicity purposes we can assume the horizontal opening is 3" shy of 48" and the height just happens to be 37". Don't forget about space for a header.

You will likely first grind out the outside joints of a string of 3 blocks. It is essential you do this because by removing or cutting through (completely) these two head joints so you can demolish or remove the three blocks necessary without damage to the blocks that will remain. Carefully tooth the opening down by removing an extra 8" horizontally below the top row. You will want to drill through mortar joint corners and grind through the joint completely to relieve that block for removal or demolition. A tool that may prove handy is one of those $39 angle grinders with a 3 1/2 or 4 1/2" masonry grinding blade.

When the opening is complete set the squared window buck in the opening plumb and level and lay the 1//2 blocks left in the toothed opening. Attach some brick ties to the side of the buck. It is a good idea to grout or fill the cores of the blocks anchoring the buck.

I hope that gives you an idea and I hope others join in with their methods that my differ with mine.

bs5 (Been too busy writing on this board, time for me to take a break. Not enough to do I guess)

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