Been here 12 years and driveway started flaking when ice melted. HELP!

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Been here 12 years and driveway started flaking when ice melted. HELP!

We have lived in this house 12 years and never thought about our driveway until last week.
We had 4 inches of snow -- which is a lot for South Carolina. When it melted our driveway is falling apart! It is flaking and crumbling. We DID NOT put any salt in this area.
Our porch is covered in slate tiles and when the ice melted, the grout was all gone (looked like sand) and teh slate tiles are totally loose. We DID put ice melt salt stuff on the porch.
What in the world. These surfaces are WAY over 12 years old (the house is 75 years old) and it has never done this before.
Is there any way to fix this???
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Hi and welcome to the forum! You don't say what the driveway is made of, but if it's blacktop, then another coat needs to be laid down, and if it's cement, eventually it needs to be knocked down and new cement put down. There's no way to really "fix" it. Ask me how I know.
As for the grout, it needs to be re-grouted. No other way, I don't think.
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Sounds like you lost the grout and the adhesive on the porch, likely that whole job will need to be redone - can't say for sure but the ice melt could have done this

The driveway? Not sure what happened there unless the snow melted and then refroze and fractured the surface
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I'm not sure if they use air entrained concrete in South Carolina or not. They probably don't worry too much about freeze/thaw cycles down so they likely do not use it. If they don't use air entrainment, that would be my first guess as to the cause of flaking during a big snow. Have you had any other big snows in the last 12 years?
The only "fix" is to remove and replace the whole driveway. Another option is to have it covered up with a professionally installed concrete overlay. If you're really adventurous and are willing to risk it looking like crap, you can buy quikrete resurfacer at Lowes and do it yourself. If you do, make certain to follow ALL directions to a "T", especially those regarding surface preparation.
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Salt solution from the road carried in on your tires will cause the driveway to crumble on top. I have this on my driveway where my daughter drove in and parked after driving on our snowy roads.

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