Concrete/Brick/Stone Steps

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Concrete/Brick/Stone Steps

I have to link the pictures it seems. There are 3 pictures of 2 different steps.

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I am purchasing a home around Buffalo, NY and the home inspection today revealed major damage to both entrance steps (Not previously seen due to all the snow). I obviously need these steps fixed but I am eager to try and do it myself (I'm trying to learn various home building skills). I'm looking for some advice on how I would go about handling this job. This is what I have come up so far on how I would tackle this job. Any constructive criticism would be greatly appreciative as well as an estimate on what this could cost:

1. Find out what the recommended depth I need to dig below frost line to lay the footing. Footing consists of gravel and concrete. (How deep of footing?)

2. Build a frame to lay initial footing. Build a frame for steps. As you can see bricks outline the concrete so my thought would be do lay them first against the inside of the frame.

3. Fill frame with cement. Tap cement to get out air bubbles. Smooth out then go over with some sort of texture to reduce slipping.

4. Cement stone pieces on top of each step and the landing.

I have read some about differential movement. How do I go about connecting these steps to my home without having them break off?

Thanks for any advice.

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You probably should have posted the pics to photobucket, not facebutt. That could be the reason why 93 people read your post & haven't answered. Not everyone has a facebutt account.
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Facebutt, tweaker -- NO!! (Haven't been there yet, and I'm NOT gonna start now!)

If you want anybody to see the pics, (like Pulpo said) put them in a free picture site and post the URL, or just put them in your post.
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I agree. I avoid Facebook for the obvious problems learned with those type of sites

It I really need to, I go to my wife's laptop that is a non-serious box with no real loss and it all goes back to her address and I weekly go in and throw out the trash to keep it reasonably clean.


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