how repair broken cement under door threshold?


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how repair broken cement under door threshold?

I am replacing the front door and got the threshold out and found all the cement underneath broken into pieces. Would cleaning up the area, applying bonding coat and a standard cement patch work in this situation or do I need to cut out some more cement? Any help is greatly appreciated, thanks!


In preview I cant see this, here is the url
i53.tinypic .com /1zu7pw.jpg
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The forum page says image code permission is on but image code is mangled when posted.
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All the loose cement has to be removed.
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tinypic is a site that has given numerous problems in the it's no longer parsed as a valid link. Other sites work fine.

Clean out all the old broken loose stuff and use cement to fill and level it.....not concrete...cement. Unless its very deep...

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I agree with the others, you are going to need to remove all the broken and loose cement. The area is going to need to be clean and dry before you begin the repair process. Otherwise, you are going to set yourself up for a series of headaches.

I am curious as to what cement patch you are going to be using. Cement is the best approach. Keep in mind that the weather and other factors are going to come into play when you are doing your DIY concrete project.

Remember that cleanliness and a good solid cement setup is going to be essential in this process. If you have any other questions, I would be more than happy to help you out with them.

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Gunguy45, thanks for advice on cement and pic posting. I looked for info on pic posting in the FAQ - that would be a good place for the thread.

Typical depth of larger areas is about 1.5 inches. Looks like a gap between the foundation slab and the front porch slab is about 3 inches deep and up to 1/4 inch wide. Should I try to fill that gap with cement, or maybe put some sand in there for a couple of inches?

77workswithhand, nice web site! Not sure what product to use for this job. Looks like my easy choices for bags of Portland cement are:
* TXI white Portland Cement type 1
* TXI Portland cement type 1/2
* Ash Grove type 1/2
* Quikrete Oldcastle type 1/2
* Quikrete type 1

what product do you recommend?

Curing time - I will probably have at least a week for this material to dry before I need to drill a few holes in it to mount the threshold. Hopefully that is enough time.

Weatherwise, I live in Houston and these days temps are getting up to high 90s in the afternoon, lows in 70s, humidity range 50-85%. Rain has been sparse. Not sure how that affects what I need to do, except I guess I should avoid a rainy day.

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