how to seal tiny brick veneer crack


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how to seal tiny brick veneer crack

Hello, I noticed a crack in the corner of my 1950's era home in the brick veneer. It's pretty narrow -- no more than 1/8". I think it opened up over the years as the house settled. I suspect this crack may have been providing an entrance into the home for carpenter ants. The ant problem has been eliminated (for now) thanks to a competent exterminator.

I'm thinking that polyurethane crack sealer might work here if I could figure out how to inject it into such a narrow opening. Or would it be better to try and fill this with mortar?

I'm guessing the crack probably continues vertically underneath the white aluminum siding. Unfortunately I don't think I'll be able to do anything about this area under the siding unless I have the house re-sided.

Thanks for any suggestions.

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The crack is way to narrow for mortar. I would look for something in a tube, at your local hardware store or home depot.
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I'd scratch out the crack a little with a putty knife or screw driver and then fill the crack with a clear latex caulk. It will go on milky white but will dry clear. You could also choose a mortar color caulk but I'm not sure how close it would be to the color of your mortar.
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If you did want to re-point the brick you would need to chisel them out and anyway what you would use as mortar would never likely match the current color you have. Applying a caulk is also what I would do as marksr and pulpo suggested. Fastest, easiest and cheapest solution to a small issue.
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To me, it looks like addition judging from the different brick colors and textures.

You definitely need a flexible sealant that can allow some movement without failing. You can do as marksr suggests or take our most of the vertical mortar, buy and insert a backer rod and then calk with the best flexible elastic caulk you can afford. The later suggestion will allow more movement without pulling away or cracking.

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Thanks for the ideas !

I just didn't understand if caulk would really work in a situation like this. But it's obviously not a problem!

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