Patio Paver Molds

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Patio Paver Molds

I was just wondering if anyone has had any experience with Patio paver molds? I mean it looks self explanatory. I know it will take a bit of work and time, but if willing to do that it seems like you can make pavers for pennies each. What do you guys think?
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Welcome to the forums.

Never worked with this but my time is worth a lot more to me than this seems like it would save in cost of buying pavers.

That said, DIY is not always about saving money, sometimes it's about individuality and pride of being able to say you did it.
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How many do you need over what period of time? You will have to buy enough molds to give 1 or 2 days in the mold and then cure for a few more days out of the mold.

What are you expectations for quality and uniformity? You will not be able to match the quality and strength of the factory manufactured smaller (no dimension over about 11") pavers that are available in many different shapes and colors.

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I have used several different types of paver molds. Let's just say I don't do it anymore.

I don't know how you can figure that they cost just pennies each since the cement costs more than that but if you've got some that "fell off the truck" I suppose you could. As already mentioned it's a slow process and consistency is a big problem.

I had three molds which helped a bit but it still was not enough. You get everything out, cast three pavers then have to clean everything up. If you are careful you can take them out of the molds the next day but they are still pretty fragile so waiting a couple days is better. Casting three blocks two or three times a week took over a month to make a small patio's worth.

Consistency was the real killer. I tried dying the concrete with one set and leaving another natural. Neither batch came out acceptably consistent. In both I used bagged concrete mix. The variation from bag to bag and my slight variation in water yielded many different shades of gray. The dyed was a real failure. Add the varieties of normal concrete with inaccurate dye measuring and lot to lot variations in the dye and it came out very amateurish. I'm glad I moved so I don't have to look at those two patio experiments of my "youth".
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If you mean the Quickcrete molds that look like cobble or other patterns, they actually work ok. It's better if you have at least 2 people (3 is better) doing the work.

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