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We're getting ready to build our own flat-top brick mailbox and haven't found sufficient help online as of yet. We have a basic step-by-step guide and materials list..but for some reason it just doesn't seem be user-freindly enough, nor does it help with measurements and quantities. Anyone built one before and can you offer some advice? Thanks!
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Planning problems?

DO: if located on a public roadway call the building department or county engineer. In many locals break away posts are required. Not true: when located on your property or it can be included within a gate post to an entry drive. Also: foundation thickness (typically 8" & extends 4" beyond brickwork) and 6" below the frost line (if applicable).

DO: call the postmaster. Height from the roadway to the mailbox is 42" or 48". Setback from the roadway varies. The mailbox may be minimum sized or fixed sized also. Otherwise "personal preference". Also, ask about the flag location: sidewall or mailbox door.

Steel boxes rust out, especially the door. Copper will stain the brick. Metal: either 100% stainless or
aluminium. Wood swells & rots. Plastic doors don't last long.

Concrete for footing: L * W * D. See sacks for approximate CU. FT. OR 80# = .66 CU. FT.
@12% cement content & .40 water content = .43 gal per 80# sack.

Assume 2ea. 8" * 16" (nominal size) type N CMU block back up. Adjust footing height to 42" or 48". One reason why user friendly details are lacking.

Given 16" CMU block backup & a running bond & standard modular brick then brick = 24".
3, 2, 3, 2 or 10 for each course. But that varies with the bond pattern and the brick used. Another reason why user friendly details are lacking.

Given standard modular brick then 3 courses = 8" This too will vary with the brick used.

Use 4 to 6 stainless steel brick ties at each block course.

If applicable start corbeling (no more than 1/3 brick depth) 2 courses above the mailbox or "personal preference" within reason. Corbeling should extend 2" over the mailbox door. Limit corbels to 5 maximum. Same 2" for a flat top overhang.

SW brick is recommended. Use solid units over the mailbox. SCR, Norwegian, Utility, and other non-solid units may be used up to the mailbox. Fill around the mailbox with brick.

Type N mortar per 10 block = .75 CU FT. (approx.) Type N mortar per 10 brick = .144 CU. FT. (aprox.)

Now draw it (the song "Little Boxes" comes to mind). Figure quantities and waste, and then build it.


||air space (ties span)
_____________ 3 /|
CMU ^ /
__________16" 2 /|
______16"____ /
1 2 1 /|

|< 24" >| 4"
| 8"

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Smile where have you been... whole life! thanks so much. understanding the plans much better and why things were left foggy in some areas. now we can have our nice mailbox.
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