tinted mortar or concrete BETWEEN Flagstone?


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tinted mortar or concrete BETWEEN Flagstone?

Our Patio has Flagstones - large ones in various shapes. Most/all have anywhere from 1.5"-3" of spaces between them. The previous owner used either cement or mortar of some sort between them. The material has a sandy appearance and is a light brown in color, so sort of blending the flagstone together. (In fact in some spots they inserted some small round stones in that cement/mortar.)

Anyway, we have some flagtsones that are cracked and need replacing - we can't figure out what we should be using to match the other cement/mortar and the color. The mortar we have dries very dark grey.

Any idea what this material is and where it can be bought? Do we need to dye it?


(I can post a picture if that would help.)
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Yes, a few pix would definitely help. You'll have a tough time trying to match color of older mortar. Often it's dirt accumulation that causes the discoloration. Concrete and mortar dye is expensive, and the process of trying to match an existing color could prove to be quite laborious, if not downright frustrating.

It would probably be more practical to buy a dye color you like, and use it both in your new mortar joints and then as a mortar over-topping in all of the existing joints after you're chipped out the top half-inch or so. Lots of work, but maybe the Boss (your wife) would be up to it. Painting over the existing joints with a slurry of the new dye won't work, either, as dye color is always affected by water-cement ratio.
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Flagstone grout filler brown color

did't you ever use mainbrickusa paving joint filler brown color?
awesome stuff to fill the joints in flagstone or pavers. I did it 2 years ago and it is still in there. No cracks and no more weeds.


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