Basketball court Asphalt over concrete?

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Basketball court Asphalt over concrete?


I have an area with 4' x 3' concrete slabs (together forming 21'x24').

The slabs were put in about 80 years (yes, eighty).

They've moved a little over the years, resulting in each one a little unlevel with the next. The largest height difference is probably one inch, with most less than that.

I would like a smooth surface for a small basketball court for the kids.

I have no experience with this, but I thought that because the concrete has been there for so long, future movement will be minimal and I could have asphalt put down on top to make it a nice level area.

Obviously, I'm looking for the least expensive and easiest route (but that still makes sense).

Thanks very much,

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I've seen city streets that were made with concrete that were resurfaced with asphalt as a wear layer. Asphalt is relatively easy to patch or apply compared to concrete so it makes sense to me that for a long-lasting road it should be built with concrete and then overlaid with asphalt. I see nothing wrong in your proposal other than asphalt is not really DIY friendly. The mixed asphalt is hot and requires it to be laid and worked before it cools too much. It requires tampers and heavy rollers to compact it properly. In my opinion asphalt will be good for your project but you probably need to have the work done by an asphalt contractor.
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The potential problem I see is that while 80 year old slabs probably have done their settling, they will continue to rise and fall as the New York winters heave the ground and the spring thaws allow them to re-settle. If some slabs heave higher than others, they will push the asphalt up as well and you'll end up with a humpy mess.
In my opinion it would be better to remove those slabs and have new concrete poured professionally.

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