Water leak at foundation


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Brick/foundation leak. How can I stop water from seeping in around the perimeter of my brick home built on a slab. Whenever it rains it is damp on the floor around the outside walls. How do I keep the water out? Just make sure all the mortar is intact and there are no cracks? I notice there are several places where ther is no mortar between bricks, apparently to allow water to drain out. Should these be filled? O should I apply some type of water-proofing compound on the bricks and mortar? What type or brand of sealant? How is it applied? Are there other alternatives? We are thinking of painting the brick white so it wouldn't matter if it messed up the bricks themselves. I live on the gulf coast so the ground is sandy and dry. The house has been vacant for several years. We need to solve this problem before remodeling.
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A common solution is a french drain, with downspout leaders tied into the drain. The drain either works entirely by gravity flowing to the street or another area or a sump pump and sump pump box are installed. Basics: sloped trench around the house, with a sloped leader to the street, and tees at downspout locations. A bed of gravel, perforated pipe with a fabric cover, more rock, then landscape fabric, then soil cover. Enter "french drain" into a search engine.

Do not plug weep holes. Make a choice: either sealer or paint. If sealer is applied first it must be paint compatable or you're out of luck for painting. "Breathable" sealers are best. Swagger into a masonry supply and ask for the best breathable sealer available. (If they hand you Thomsons' hit them with the can, then ask for the real stuff). While you're there pick up a garden sprayer and/or a 9" roller frame and sleeve to apply it with.
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Thanks 2000 for your reply to my post. I think my solution is to seal the bricks. The moisture is on the lower part of the wall, not just the floor. I don't think a French drain would do much good since it is sandy and there is adequate drainage.

We own a condominium with stucco finish. When it rained we had a problem with water coming in. We thought it was a leak from around the window, but calking didn't do much good. The associated painted the stucco with elastomeric paint to seal the entire wall and the problem was solved. You wouldn't think that much moisture could come through the wall, but it did.

I think I have a similar problem with my brick exterior finish. I will check with a masonry supply store as you suggested. Thanks again for your help.
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