Redoing Gravel Drive With Slag?

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Redoing Gravel Drive With Slag?

We have local mills in the area,Gary,that offer free Indiana #53 graded material, 1.5" minus.Also a local company delivers and that would be my cost.I have never heard of Steel Slag aggregates before and not sure why they would be free.
From researching some, am i correct in assuming that the description means average size of the aggregate would be 1 1/2 inches and below? 1 1/2 seems pretty big.The driveway is about 10 years old and has a nice base.
Trying to keep things as affordable as possible as the driveway is a little over 1800 feet long.The crushed lime stone is very expensive.
Is this worth even looking into?
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Yes, 1.5" minus means that the chunks are 1 1/2" or less. That seams like more a decorative material than something you want for a driveway. One other thing to think of is it will likely rust.
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If it were suitable for use as a driveway material, don't you think they would be selling the stuff instead of giving it away? I suspect it won't have the durability of crushed limestone, and may deteriorate into fine powder after a short period of time when exposed to wheel loads. I'm not familiar with this product, but if it's similar to foundry slag (that I am familiar with), I'd stay away from it as a driveway surfacing product.
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Be very careful and check local as well as state and federal laws
We have a steel mill near us and it was being sold as well as a roofing mil selling the tabs
A county commissioner purchased tons of the steel and put it on county roads and then the tabs he sold and put on private drive ways
EPA came down hard on it .The county then spent thousands getting it all up. It is a EPA no no from what I understand
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I'm not sure about in your area, but locally, the Ministry of Environment has cracked down hard on slag usage.
I'm in a mining/mill town and the stuff use to be used for everything from backfill to driveways.
The problem with it is how it's made.
Slag is left over "junk" from the milling process. Depending on how they mill locally, chemicals are left in the molten rock when it is poured into the holding fields. Millions of dollars have been spent locally to clean up old slag usage around lakes and other areas around here.
I would check locally to see what milling process is used, and where slag is considered suitable. This free slag can get pretty expensive if you are forced to clean it up.

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