Front Cement Patio crack and Gap issues


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Front Cement Patio crack and Gap issues


I need some advice on my front concrete porch there is a couple of issue that I would like to fix. I have attached a couple pictures to show the issues

1.) The concrete pad has been jacked up in the past and one of the slabs has cracked. Couple years ago I put some vinyl concrete patch in there but it has just crumbled away. I think the best thing for me to would be to cut a square out and put new cement in. Would this be the best thing to do?
2.) There seems to be a really large gap between the house bricks and the cement slab. Its about a inch gap I would like to fill this in some how I know it would have to be flexible for the hot and cold weather. But what should I use???

Once these issues are resolved I would probably paint the porch to cover up the leveling holes as the new cement slab.

Any advice would be appreciated

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Your first photo shows a section of concrete that appears to be moving away from the house while the second photo makes it appear as though you once had expansion joint material in the 1" crack next to the house. The several inches of concrete on the right is still touching the house indicating that that part of the slab has not pulled away from the house.

You mentioned having the concrete jacked. Is it now stable or has movement occurred after the jacking?
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The house was jacked prior to our purchased years ago. I haven't noticed any movement in the slab. I think maybe at one time they had something between the house and the cement slab its pretty much a consistent 1" gap along the whole slab other then the ends where they make contact to the house.
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The open gap can be filled with a urethane sealant, using foam backer rod (1-1/2") wedged into place and placed at least 1/2" or 3/4" below grade. The stuff remains pliable, and sticks tenaciously to any clean, durable surface. Place the urethane at least 1/2" thick, and leave it low by at least 1/4" to avoid it oozing up when the slab gets warm and wants to grow.

The diagonal crack would best be filled with a low-modulus, high-viscosity epoxy gel. Any concrete repair product is likely to crack and spall when differential movement takes place between the 2 slabs. Some Portland cement powder sprinkled onto the finished epoxy surface (while still tacky) can help match the color of the existing slabs.

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