pavers on concrete balcony, water intrusion?


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Question pavers on concrete balcony, water intrusion?

Im in the process of purchasing a townhome that has a 2nd Floor wrap around balcony which has its own roof. Im in Florida so the floors and walls are all concrete, except for the roof over the balcony which is wood framed. The balcony has a paver floor. On the underside of this balcony are exterior lights undermounted which are in place to illuminate the ground under the balcony. There are 5 lights total and all are either rusted, filled with water, or completely missing. Because theyre somewhat recessed, the only way for water to enter is from a driving rain onto the balcony (which will be on a daily basis soon). The home is 8 years old.

The questions:
-Assuming pavers are properly installed, isnt water supposed to not enter through the seams?

-Would a paver be the correct product to use? or would something like a composite paver like a firestone skypaver be a better product?

-If I chose to refurbish the current pavers and add more sand for the joints, would a vibratory compactor be safe to use? Im worried that it could possibly cause damage to the stucco exterior, windows, interior tile floor, etc...

Its a 270 sq ft area, so getting a contractor to come and give me an estimate, and also coordinating with a realtor for access to the home isnt working right now.

Thanks in advance
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in order to have prevented the damage, the conc patio shouldda been sealed w/an elastomeric waterproofing compound,,, who's responsibility is the exterior maintenance ? townhome suggests its yours while condo suggests it ain't what would seal paver jnts from water intrusion ? elastomeric sand ? i wouldn't bet on it

since the conc probably has structural issues due to the wtr intrusion, using a vibratory compactor's like putting on a blindfold & diving into an empty swimming pool,,, someone's in for a big surprise SOON ! ! !

IF you want to keep your 2nd floor balcony on the 2nd floor, figure out something else - like have the owner get it fixed before you buy it,,, what did your engineer say ? [ not a home inspector equipped w/word processing program ]
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