Opinions needed about an "angled" brick wall.


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Opinions needed about an "angled" brick wall.

A GC is managing construction of my new house and the brick sub started early this week. I have a bay projection which has angled walls. Before the work started my GC only asked me to pick the brick, mortar joint width and color. After they started doing the bay projection, something about the corner, shown in the first picture did not look right. I first determined that it is the fact that the seam is not perfectly straight and the bricks are slightly overlapping. I wanted to see how others do it and started looking around. Almost all angled walls that I found across the city have special "angled" bricks, which looks much better, as seen in the second picture. I am unhappy with the current look since after trying to correct the issue with a the crooked seam, they cut it with a saw but made it even wider. My questions are as follows:
1) Assuming that everyone is competent, who if anyone, should have raised the issue that angled bricks should be considered: a) architect when he was preparing the drawings, 2) GC when reviewing the drawings and telling me to go select materials, 3) The mason should have ask me how I want the corners done prior to starting, 4) myself, I should have looked at the houses in the area to realized that my house will need angled bricks. 5) nobody, since cutting every brick like was done is also a legitimate way of doing this.
2) I will call the brick place tomorrow to find if they even have the angled brick in my color, but if you were me, would you keep it as is, or ask that it be redone? If redone, who should pay for the work of redoing the wall?
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Just my opinion on looks.The first picture is best, more rustic. The second to me is too cookie cutter. What's with the third picture? Running bond on left and off set on right? Corner joint to wide.
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I'm a painter, not a mason but most [maybe all] of the brick houses I've painted that had off angles where done like the 1st pic. The mortar joints should line up, it would be the brick mason's responsibility [ultimately the GC's] to fix it - no additional cost to you.
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I would leave it as is in the first picture.
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You will not find a brick with a finished face AND a finished for such an angle. If you must have it, you could not afford special run that could take months to get.

The detail you have is not tied in as well as possible as a 90 degree corner, which would have a conventional lapped condition. Do not worry about the strength because brick veneer is not loadbearing.

I an sure what was done cost the contractor bunch of time and money(saw blades, labor) with at lease 2 cuts for every course of brick. All required because of the design.

The "cookie cutter" photo is a very common brick of uniform color on a much larger project.

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You can make angled squint or dogleg bricks by cutting a V section out of the brick and resin bonding the 2 pieces together. This is how some brick makers do it.
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I have to agree with the others that the 1st pic is more rustic and appealing with the current trend of today. Will it be in style 15 years from now? Who knows?
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