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Post kretetek ghostshield reviews

I am a plant operations manager for a medium sized outfit here in Florida. We have about 40,000 sq ft. of concrete floors that sweat under the right conditions and this has proven to be a nuisance. I've tried a few things in the past but nothing really seemed to alleviate the issue altogether. After a lot of research and careful consideration, I recently opted to try a product made by kretetek called Ghostshield lithi-tek ls 9500. After speaking with a rep, he recommended that before we commit to the whole project that we try it in a small area of about 2,000 sq ft., where we've historically experienced the worst of the sweating. We applied it as instructed and monitored the floor in this controlled area for about 45 days, in relation to the rest of the 38,000 sq ft. of untreated floors. We noticed a significant improvement and have since treated the rest of the floors, and so far are very satisfied with the results. I have heard mixed reviews about these types of products and I am very surprised there aren't more favorable reviews on this particular one. Moreover I was just wondering if anyone else has used this LS 9500 and can tell me how long I can expect it to continue to work? The company warrants the product for 100 years and if that is indeed the case, it really won't be my problem. However, I was looking for some unbiased feedback from anyone elses personal experience with Ghostshield? I also do not know if when constructed the building had a vapor barrier under the concrete slab. It is a slab on grade and there seems to be mixed reviews on this topic of whether one should apply a vapor barrier before pouring a slab. Any expert feedback would be greatly appreciated.
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Many architects and engineers agree that a vapor barrier should be used under a concrete slab. This is dependent upon location and moisture content in the ground and it is perfectly acceptable to forego use of a vapor barrier. In areas with low moisture content in the ground such as deserts or areas well above the water table, a vapor barrier is not necessary. Yes, there are mixed reviews about the use of concrete vapor barriers but people generally get their information from other people and one informed individual informs another. According to many independent tests conducted by reputable sources on slabs with and without vapor barriers, the slabs without the vapor barriers constantly had higher moisture content then the slabs with barriers, in one test the slab without the vapor barrier had 3 times the moisture content as the slab with the vapor barrier. For the record, an acceptable vapor barrier is usually 4-8 mil plastic sheeting accompanied by roofing felt and a layer of sand or gravel depending on the specification. I know some contractors will skip the vapor barrier process as method to reduce finishing time due to the amount of bleed water that rises to the surface; it can't be easily troweled and if attempted usually results in surface imperfections. Yes, there are mixed reviews about vapor barriers and the use thereof but correcting a slab after the fact as you have experienced can be costly. I have heard of ghostshield lithitek and have personal experience with the product, It's not cheap but as you've experienced it is effective and an option for moisture plagued concrete.
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seems you installed it correctly,,, it fills the pores inside the conc - IF you're around in 100yrs to sue the ********, hopefully they'll be in biz to receive the suit

its good stuff - strengthens the conc, too

for MY record, 6mil's fine IF you don't use crushed aggregate OR have your placig conc jabonies tramping thru the mud,,, 15mm stego is the ONLY go-to specifier recommended mtl i've seen OR approved equal

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