Polymeric sand erronding under deck


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Polymeric sand eroding under deck

I have issues with sand erosion since my pavers are under my wooden deck. Most of the Lowes Saukrete Polymeric Sand has come out because of rain water dripping thru the wood deck above, onto the stone patio. I would appreciate any help in a solution to what sand will not erode from heavy water drips?

Spacing between pavers - 1/2"
Paver size - 16"
Polymeric sand - Saukrete from Lowes

And it was all installed correctly!

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Welcome to the forums.

Can you expand on how you know this was installed correctly?
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Something else is wrong if you have polymeric sand eroding away. Especially if you have a deck above providing protection. My longest running experiment with polymeric was installed in spring of 2011 in unprotected locations. I've done some in a traditional patio and some with much more slope than usual, almost a ramp and still have had no issues with the polymeric eroding or washing away.

I do know that it is possible to screw-up polymeric installation. The most likely I can think of that might lead to erosion is over sweeping during installation. It's a mixed/varied product. The coarse sand and fine bonding powder can be separated by over sweeping. As you push the product around with a broom the fine bonding powder is more easily left behind while the sand continues on. I've experimented by brooming a pile for about 20 feet. By the time I got to the end It was almost pure sand with very little bonding powder left.
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Thank you for the responses.

Since the patio was small I was able to sweep small areas at a time to ensure an even mix of polymeric sand. I even had a Saukrete rep come by and he told me installation was correct and the eroding was due to it being under a deck and the large constant streams of water dripping between the wood deck above in the same area has caused the sand to erode.

I installed the exact same patio at my parents house and that looks perfect still because it is not under a deck. Everything done was identical so I know it was not a installation issue. I need to find another product or solution to the heavy dripping falling on the patio.

Do they make any other products that are more durable?

Any other products I can use besides polymeric sand?
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Did you run a plate compactor over it to fill in the voids?
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