Fixing brick walkway that has sunk...


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Fixing brick walkway that has sunk...


We've got a brick walkway where part of the bricks have sunk about an inch near the main steps to our house (see link below). I'm wondering how big a job this would be to do on my own. I'm not a young pup (52), but I don't mind physical work. I've never done anything like this before, so is this best left to a pro?

I realize I can't just level out the bricks touching the first step because that only shifts the existing "lip" back one row. It's going to require removing a good bit of brick to gradually get a slope going so that the bricks touching the steps are level with the lower step (without creating issues elsewhere).

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It appears that is sunk because the ground wasn't compacted properly. I don't know what's under there but you can remove some bricks, to correct it. If you noticed, it sunk more in the middle, where the heavier traffic is than it did on the edges. You can buy a dry premix or mix your own with 3 sand to 1 Portland Cement. Tamp the ground before you reset the bricks.
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