Can I add material to a concrete sidewalk to level it?


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Can I add material to a concrete sidewalk to level it?

I poured 16 feet of walkway last week using bags and a mixer, and I found I have a low area in one section. It's hardly noticeable unless it rains and then it puddles there. Is there a product that I can level that area with minimal work involved? Thanks
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A few pix would help, so we could see what you see.

I don't have much experience with very thin overlays. The ones I've seen other people use almost always fail, starting to debond where they are feather-edged down to nothing. Why not just remove and replace the bird-bath area after delineating it with sawcuts? Sure, it's more work than you were hoping for, but all of that work will be a good reminder of how important it is to be more careful when placing and finishing future concrete. Reminds me of my first few finishing operations, almost 50 years ago--at the time, I was so proud of how they turned out, that is until the first rainstorms left a few puddles as constant reminders of what an amateur I was.
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I have had good luck with Quickrete resurfacer though I have never tried applying it to new concrete. You may find though that the repair looks worse than the puddle. At best the resurfacer will always look like a patch.
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the apron/vest stores are now carrying cement-all in our area,,, we've used it & it has work'd well so far ( 1.5yrs ),,, prep is the key & don't expect the repair conc's color to match your bagg'd conc's color,,, around here redi-mix mud is tannish - out of the bag its grey,,, cement-all's white
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I've had good luck with a thin overlay when I used a bonding agent with the mortar mix, mostly on stoops. May I ask why you didn't have a truck pour the walk? I can see why you want to do the repair with minimal work. That's a lot of mixing, even with a mixer.

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