Knot to tie on grade stakes


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Knot to tie on grade stakes

I am going to be leveling off an area and I cant find the correct knot to tie on the grade stakes? I need the knot that will keep the string taut. Thanks!
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One way to do it is to come out a couple of feet from your grade stake and tie a loop (overhand knot) in the string. Wrap your string around the grade stake and put the loose end through the loop and pull on it. You can tie it off at the loop once you have gained enough tautness. It works sort of like a block and tackle in miniature.
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I use a bowline or clove hitch. The clove hitch is especially good since you can pull on the line to get more tension and pull on the bitter end to pull the slack through the knot and when you let go the tension on the line pulls the knot tight and prevents it from slipping. Great if the line stretches over time or after getting wet.
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If it's a situation where you're having to get in and out with a piece of equipment, maybe taking the lines down and resetting them several times, I will typically make a sawcut for the lines in the stakes or batter boards, then use bowlines on the dumb ends and overhand knots on the ends that I will be taking down. Or sometimes I just use mason line blocks.
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It has worked for me for at least 45 years:
Drive a #8 nail in grade stake at level (better if it is top of stake), tie off string on one end and at other end grab a loop of string and wind it many times, then slip this coil over nail and tug loose end toward other stake till string is tight to your specs, pull the loose end toward nail making the coil tangle slightly. This will hold the string tight and when it needs loosened, pull the loose end toward other stake from nail which untangles the coil allowing string to either be removed or tightened further.

Was taught this trick by and "old school" builder that I worked for.

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If you're using steel paving pins or short rebars for grade or alignment stakes, you don't need a knot at all. Just looping the nylon line over itself while under tension is enough to keep it tight. The "give" in the nylon is what makes it work, and I've been doing it this way since learning it in surveying school in 1965.

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