"Transfer" Concrete Wall

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"Transfer" Concrete Wall

Mod Note...OP is in the Philippines.

Hello, everyone.

There is presently a national road widening project affecting our part of our country at the moment, and I would like to literally move the wall because the Department of Public Works and Highways has stated that any structures in the way will be destroyed by their backhoe.

So, I have decided to first have the metal grilles removed, and then cut the wall piece by piece. It is going to be tedious, but not impossible. I do not have the money to put up a new wall, but I think I do have the motivation and patience to work on this. My efficiency with the work is yet to be discovered.

The wall is about 9-10 meters long, and I do not yet know how deep. I plan in separating the posts first, then the panel - perhaps in square-foot sections - all concrete with metal rebar. I don't know if there is metal at the joints as well, but I will find out as soon as I've cracked the first joint between the post and the panel. So, other than cold chisel and mallet, will an angle grinder with metal and concrete blade be effective or too dangerous?

I have attached pictures of the wall. Any advise would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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Your profile doesn't tell us where you are located, so I assume you are not in North America. The wall is sitting on a footer which can be deep and wide. Not knowing local construction methods, it may not be. Moving the wall will be jousting at windmills, so to speak. It probably won't happen without breakage, and then the task of putting it all back together seamlessly. Does not your government compensate you for acquisition of land for right of way?
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If it was a block/brick wall you could take it apart piece by piece, clean them up and reconstruct it [very labor intensive] but IMO it wouldn't make sense to try and move a poured concrete wall ..... but you can salvage the iron work
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What you want to do is next to impossible. It would probably end up costing more to move it than just replace it.
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I can't see on the pictures but it would likely be easier to take it apart and then put it back together.

A grinder or circular saw with a diamond blade will cut the mortar/concrete like butter. It will be dusty though. Just score the joint and and then break with a chisel.
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If the wall is solid concrete, keep in mind that the sections will be both quite heavy and difficult to separate. Just guessing at dimensions from the photos, each panel between posts will weigh about 1800 lb. (820 kg.). And if the panels are doweled into footings on the bottom with reinforcing steel, you will not be able to remove them without destroying them.
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while its possible to move your wall w/o destroying it, how likely is it to be done ? UNLESS you have an emotional attachment to that wall, you'll be farther ahead to build a new 1 instead - good luck

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