Pour Driveway edge over top Retaining wall??


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Pour Driveway edge over top Retaining wall??

I had a retaining wall put in place to expand our driveway and just filled it with gravel. It worked for a year but with the rain this year it gave way and bulged out. I want to put concrete over the gravel and redo the entire driveway. I had 2 different contractors come out and they were the same on everything except how to handle the retaining wall.

The wall is stacked blocks with the lip on the back of them like you get from any home improvement store. They are on a concrete footing buried in the ground with drain tile on the outside footing of the wall (?normal???). The blocks are glued together. The wall is back straight now, have not back filled it yet until the driveway decision is made.

That is the short history.

Contractor 1 (who built the wall) wants to pour the driveway and put the edge on top of the block retaining wall which he says will secure it in place etc.

Contractor 2 says he will pour up to the wall and not over it because it might give way and cause the driveway to crack.

Any other opinions on what the best route is?

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Unfortunately, the contractor that did the retaining wall did it wrong when he used a concrete footing under the wall and used glue to hold it together. Apparently, he does not read the instructions for a segmental retaining wall or does not follow directions well and really cannot be relied on in the future. - Usually the drain tile is placed on the backfill side of the wall to drain the backfill to minimize the movement of the wall.

How did you straighten out the wall?

I would go with contractor 2. At least he is aware that the slab could crack if the support for the driveway under the new concrete settles.

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What Dick said.

Any recourse against the guy who installed the retaining wall?
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I straightened the wall by hand digging behind it and tipping it back up into place on the concrete footing. There was fabric or some other material all along the back side of the wall so no fill got underneath the bottom blocks and I was able to stand it up. Now the wall is held in place with some threaded rod and angle iron on top temporarily. I have not back filled it yet.

I don't know about the recourse on the original contractor but will look into it. I assume that I need to put a real wall behind this block one? or replace it entirely? before the driveway is poured.
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If the driveway slab is to be connected to the retaining wall - the retaining wall needs to be solid! ..... so either stop the driveway short of the wall as contractor 2 suggested or rebuild the wall so it will support being tied to the driveway.

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