Using Concrete Adhesive.


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Using Concrete Adhesive.

I have a outdoor patio, 10 by 12. It was painted 5 years ago. Now I want to cover it with concrete block, 15.6/15.6/1.7 using a polyurethane construction adhesive. I want to avoid having to remove the paint. Can I apply the adhesive over the paint or will that result in a weak seal?
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IF, and this is a pretty big IF, the paint is secure to the concrete then you won't have to remove it. Myself, I would use a power wire wheel to remove the paint right down to fresh concrete where the adhesive will go.
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IMO the best way to remove the paint is to brush on a paint and varnish remover, let it work and then pressure wash.
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if you install edge restraint, all you have to do is fill the joints w/polymeric sand,,, gravity will keep the blocks down or so it seems to me,,, i wouldn't even use the pl if it were mine

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