Seeking advice on sealing large exterior gaps behind brick


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Seeking advice on sealing large exterior gaps behind brick

I have a few weird areas in my (new to me) house where brick and mortar are basically meeting corners or endings, and leaving huge gaps. The first one is a gap between the back of the brick and the board that goes behind siding, and the second one is meeting external garage framing.

I was thinking about using brick mortar as a caulk, but these are large gaps. I don't think caulk or mortar can do the job here without the gaps being taken care of (And besides, can mortar be wood on one side, and brick on the other? If not, what can be? I have a few areas that need seams filled with wood on one side and brick on the other)

The first one is where my brick wall basically ends at the rear door. Behind it is what siding goes into (OSB?) and above it is wood siding.


The second area is a bit different. Behind the brick is literally nothing, and it's meeting the right external corner of the Garage:

Appreciate any input.
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It looks like there used to be a piece of trim between the door casing and the brick.
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Ok, I can check out some exterior trim options..would the same work on the garage side?
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You are missing brick mold trim that goes on the door jamb all the way around in both pictures. Easily purchased at any home improvement store. Caulk and paint when installed.
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One sloppy install.
That door needs to come out, slab repaired so it's flat and level where the door sits, and has a slope away from the threshold from the outside edge of the aluminum threshold to the outside of the wall.
The way it is now waters able to run into the block and inside the building.
Wood brick moldings just going to rot again, use PVC brick molding instead.
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joecaption and others,

It would be fitting here to tell you that a friend of mine replaced the rear door, which came with the frame, jams, threshold, etc. He supposedly is "out of the business now" but gave me good prices on everything (Hmm, it all makes sense now -- no such thing as a 'too good to be true' deal). I signed up with him only on the logic of price (And someone else had referenced me to his work on their wood floor) -- not on any other basis as I'm brand new to all of this.

I saw him chisel out the concrete by hand, to make the door fit. He said it was the wrong size door... I'm asking myself now if that was the case why didn't he just get the right size door instead of breaking the concrete. But at that point it was too late (Another ex-contractor measured the rear door, not him - but he knew it was the wrong size and went ahead and tried the install).

Whoever mentioned I am missing exterior trim... I think it makes sense now. The new door came with the framing (As you can see in the picture) -- and the jams to the new door don't reach outside -- as you can see. Probably a poor choice on the type of rear door we selected.

Long story short -- between this and some of the other projects he did for me... we are not friends anymore and I am trying to clean up what he did (In more than the rear door trim - sloppy work all over the kitchen as well). Being brand new to home ownership and repair, I luckily found this great forum and people like you guys.

Can that concrete just be filled with something like quikrete concrete repair, or are the holes/gaps too big and will need legit concrete?

joe -- luckily i have a roof over that door -- so very little to no water is reaching the rear door. But I definitely see the need for the concrete to be filled. water damage aside, ants and spiders have started nesting in the freaking holes. I just sprayed them yesterday.

in summarizing the answers, the concrete needs to be taken care of, and then pvc or regular mold trim with caulk+paint is my take-away.

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