Patio pavers absorbing water


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Patio pavers absorbing water

Hi folks

I recently moved into a home with a concrete paver patio which is in need of restoration. Pics here:

As you can see the joints are covered with moss and the patio is full of weeds. I am planning to pressure wash the whole patio to remove the sand between the joints and replace with new sand and then seal with a wet look sealer. My concern is that it appears that the pavers are absorbing water. Will this cause an issue when I go to apply the new polymeric sand or when I seal it? I took a heat gun to one of the pavers and it seemed to dry out but doing that for the whole patio would take forever. We get a fair amount of rain so finding a stretch long enough for them to dry out hasn't been happening. Is there a way to dry them out effectively?

Any help is greatly appreciated!
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No. Wait for that dry spell. One or two hot days will dry it out then put a thin coat of DRYLOCK Wetlook on it. It works well.
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that'll be the 1st time ever if you think pavers will dry 4" down to the bottom,,, perhaps that product would work well however i never saw any of their stuff that was worth a damn for bsmnt wtrproofing of walls,,, i'd contact a pro supply house who carries prosoco, meadows, euclid, sika, etc,,, realize that's more difficult than just driving to your 'hood apron/vest store but, if you want pro results, you gotta use pro mtls, methods, & equip
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These are patio pavers used outdoors. Not basement floors or walls. Two or three days worth of hot sunshine will be fine for the purpose at hand. I've done it on a large patio paver area that is shaded from the sun and Drylock'd that was put on early last year looks as good today as then (and I'm talking a very sever winter season). It also gives a clean feel if you walk on it in bare feet. The stuff does not need to be expensive or of the highest quality. It needs to do the job it was designed for. And Drylock Wetlook was designed for outdoor patio pavers as a way of sealing them and as a way of giving a wet look and a clean feel in all kinds of weather. Sure spend 3x' as much on a another product and tell me if it's as good in 3 to 4 years as the day you put it on. I don't think so. Any outdoor patio paver or cement "surface" for "decorative" purposes or minimum protection will not last the elements for any length of time. I could've used a more expensive item, but I'd still need to do it again in another couple years. To each his own, but spending $ does not always mean better!
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Pitch a tent (or large tarp on poles) over the area and allow it to dry out without interruption -- have an electric heater (at a warm, but not dangerous high level) running. Curious..i wonder if by replacing the joints with sand it will allow water to still seap in and allow your pavers to soak up again from the sides. Maybe strip out the sand and use a clear (or colored) caulk (elastomeric/thermoplastic) instead for those areas to ensure no water ever gets in (at least from above) and u will never see moss/plant growth. And of course solvent-base top coat the pavers to get your gloss (and protection from rain soaking up)

Because it is paver stones i was wondering how porous they were..normally i read they are pretty dense but seeing as how yours absorbs very easily then maybe you might want to apply a penetrating waterproof sealer on it BEFORE you apply your top-coat sealer. That way it wil repell water for the next 5-7 years even when your top-coat inevitably fails (due to abrasion/uv) within 1-2 years.

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