parging falling off help


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parging falling off help

hey new to the forum
my parging on the out side of my foundation is falling off. my concrete foundation doesn't seem to have any damaged except in one spot so far
can i repair the concrete and parge it my self or should i hire a professional?
i haven't investigated much into it. i know on the one side it falling off the rest of the house it seem/looks to be fine. the side that is giving me trouble is roughly 15 feet long.
what tools and material would i need to complete this project?

i have pictures but cant seem to upload them
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Welcome to the forums!

I'd buy a bag of mortar or stucco mix and trowel it on as needed, making sure the substrate is clean first. The masons might have a better solution so stay tuned.
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I believe the product is called sand mix and you add a acrylic fortifier to it to give it some waterproofing characteristics as well as make it more "sticky" for vertical surfaces. You can also use type N or S mortar in a 1:1.5 to 2 ratio to sand and then add your fortifier.
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I am not an expert in the subject but watching a home improvement show I once saw them use chicken wire and they did use waterproof plywood behind that. I would then follow up the patch with a good high quality paint with a high quality polymer so it gives some. As for the stuff you put on the chicken wire what czizzi said sounds right to me and it seems like that is what they used.

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