self-leveling concrete mistake that needs to be fixed. but how?


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self-leveling concrete mistake that needs to be fixed. but how?

hi gang. so here is the deal. I hired a guy to help level my concrete patio. water was pooling, he was going to get the slope better so it ran off the side into a new drain in the low spots. before doing another skim-layer topcoat all over.

he tried a couple different brand of self leveler but either didn't mix it right, work fast enough, was too hot out or how didn't know what he was doing.

so I come back from my short trip and the work isn't done, he cant be found and there is a 5 foot by 7 foot area where it looks like he tried make it work but quit.

so assuming I cannot find him, what do you recommend? will I have to just chisel this off? is there a grinder wheel attachment or anything I can get for my angle grinder or drill? A buddy said they rent commercial concrete grinders at Sunbelt (about $75/day) but they chew through wheels quickly supposedy. Or is there a chemical solution? gotta get this cleaned up as now it looks worse than before he began.

photo attached. as always, thanks!
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You might be better off with a chipping gun than a grinder.
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If you want to try removing it I would start with a rotary hammer set to hammer only and use a chisel bit. It's powerful enough to knock things loose but but not so big that you might damage the slab underneath.
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ok. chipping gun I might actually have one. rotary hammer is new to me. Let me look into that.
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The guy you hired obviously didn't know what he was doing. I hope you haven't paid him already.

Renting a small scabbler would make short work of removing the mess and getting down to a sound surface for new material to bond to. Using a bush-hammer would work, but take considerably longer.
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the scabbler would be ideal but, even in atl, the only thing we can rent is a walk-behind,,, IF you have walk-out access to the patio, good - otherwise they weigh more than 300# & need 185cfm air compressor,,, even hand-held scabblers need 50cfm for efficient operation,,, hardly what a diy guy wants to hear,,, chipping gun &, IF you can find it, bushing tool - preferably 16point,,, otherwise, brick chisel as posted,,, looks like he didn't add enough water & used a shovel to spread it

std chipping guns are also called rotary hammers sometimes

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