Making concrete sprinkler donuts


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Making concrete sprinkler donuts

I would like to make my own concrete donuts to protect our sprinkler heads - they are not available in stores around here.

I suppose it might be best to bring one back from the States to act as a template. It might be easier for me to make a mold out of metal or maybe wood rather than plastic. Is there something I can coat the mold with to help in removing the donuts when hardened ?

How would you go about it ?

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Grease, oil or non stick cooking spray can help prevent concrete from sticking to your mold. You could use a pound cake mold. The tapered sides would help getting the cured concrete to pop out.

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And be ready to explain to the significant other why her pound cakes no longer taste the same, after you've used her pan as a concrete form.
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Excellent idea ! Thank you.
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I've never seen a concrete ring used to protect sprinkler heads anywhere in the states. I've had sprinklers at my last 3 homes, never had them nor have I had a problem with any of the heads. I've also never seen them on any of the golf courses I've played over the years. Do you have a special situation where you need to do this?
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do what we do in atl & hilton head - use sprinkler heads that pop UP when working off the clock, they retract below grass height

admittedly the bundt pan's a genius suggestion,,, i would only add using saran wrap will make cleaning the pan unnecessary before sneaking it back into the kitchen
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You could also get one of those cat play toy things. Looks like a giant donut with a ball inside? Just pop the two halves apart and you have 2 plastic molds ready to go.

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