1 1/2" paver question for you pros out there


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1 1/2" paver question for you pros out there

Hey guys,

I recently acquired 1800 Holland pavers for free and am in need of a little advice. I dug out the side of my garage to install a concrete pad but I think the look of the pavers would be much more appealing. I know they are not rated for driveways but I was wondering if I get a good 6" gravel base and tamp everything good, would they work? The pavers will only be used for parking a 5th wheel after summer (will be driven on 2 times a year). The 5th wheel weighs in at around 8k. Will they all crack when I start backing the camper up? Any advice is appreciated!

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Much of the durability comes from the base. The thicker the base generally the more load the pavers can handle. 6" is enough for a walkway or patio and for light to medium vehicles you'd want 10" though much can depend on your soil conditions. You'd put down about 2" of your base material and compact it with a plate compactor. Then add another layer of base and compact and repeat until you get to the desired thickness. Then add your sand and set your pavers. Some may crack but a good base is the best prevention. Still, I'd say 1 1/2" pavers were too thin but since they were given to you I'd just plan so you have a stack of leftovers so you can replace any that break.
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I'd save the skinny pavers for making creative walkways around the house, and either buy some heavier units for parking the 5th-wheel on, or pour concrete.
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Those 1-1/2" pieces of precast concrete are not really pavers and would not pass the ASTM standards for pavers. - They are really just stepping stone or landscape units the could work on a patio with no heavy wheel loads. Real pavers can be used for streets and roads and even airport taxiways.

Use something else for your needs.


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