Non standard holes in new home's foundation


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Non standard holes in new home's foundation

Good morning everyone. My family and I just moved to a new home. There are two holes in the foundation that I assume were covered at some point by vents. However, one of the holes is 12" in height and 27" in width (practically a little door!). I've not found any type of foundation vent that would fit it. Would you all put a cement block or something else in there and then find a vent to fit it? Or would you go another direction? I assume to keep rats and mice out I'll have to mortar something in?

The other hole is much smaller but has a lot of plumbing and water pipes leading out of it. I'm guessing it is about 9" in height by about 14"?

I'd appreciate any feedback you have. Thanks!
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Is the house on a slab, or does it have a crawl space or does it have a basements. Pictures showing the holes and immediate area might help us help you. Please add your location to your profile. We need that to better help you.
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The holes are about five feet over a basement area. I'll get you some pictures when I leave the office. I'm in Memphis, TN.

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