Rubber joint filler in concrete walkway


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Rubber joint filler in concrete walkway

hi all,

Before the winter sets in, I was wondering if I need to worry about replacing the filler they used where my concrete walkway meets the border stone 'curb' of my driveway...

It looks like one side of the rubber-type material has 'fallen' into the joint.

This something I need to worry about?
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Can you post a pic? Do you mean an expansion joint? So far, it doesn't sound like a problem.
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I have it around my cement pool deck. As the cement shifts it cracks and settles. There really isn't any way of fixing it outside of removing it and re-pouring it. You may need some fresh polyethylene backer rod too.
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Ill try to snag a pic tonight. I think it would be considered an expansion joint..

similar to this (found pic on internet):
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A customer came into our store today asking for the same stuff to re-insert into the expansion joint. I also told him to use backer rod. He did not like my answer. The local builder supply store (for contractors) wanted to sell him the actual joint material and he said it was like had rubber made from old tires and could not be hammed into the expansion joint.

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