.Repairing Concrete @ an historic Light Station


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I'm one of the volunteers working on the restoration of an offgrid 1906 light station near Anacortes, WA. We have a lot of concrete repairs to do, from stabilizing the ladder and landing, to restoring the crumbling sidewalks that once connected the massive Victorian Keepers' Quarters to the Lighthouse itself.

I'm posting here to introduce myself and ******. Here's a photo to give you an idea of what we are messing around with now:Name:  sm-LandingView.jpg
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The ladder rungs embedded in the concrete face need replacing.

Cracks in the big concrete pour (the Knuckle) need repairs.

Chunks missing from the bottom of the knuckle should be filled.

And then there's that whole derric up above. That needs some concrete work done, too.

Fun stuff, huh?

I hope I can do some brainstorming with the folks here.



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Smile Welcome to our forums!

Your project might be a bit much for a DIY forum.
It is likely that the concrete has deteriorated beyond a simple repair.....removal and replacement wil be necessary, especially the concrete embedded ladder.
You would do well to get a qualified engineer or tradesperson to look at what might be needed,

If you take some clear close-up pics of the damaged areas someone might be able to offer another opinion.
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feel free to ask - we've worked on several projects such as you describe,,, 1st i suggest you contact a pe who specializes in masonary repairs,,, he can hopefully supply expertise 2 a reduced rate,,, this work, while not mentally challenging, is very labor intensive & should be done by experienced folks,,, even so, not all contractors are qualified/experienced/staffed,,, i often suggest your best suited task is raising public awareness & funds necessary to hire/retain who you passes a good vetting process,,, after all, if you do the work yourself, to whom do you look for a warranty/guarantee/relief ? you going to sue yourself ?

IF i can help, i shall,,,
good luck !

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