Retaining wall Bowing and earth above sinking


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Retaining wall Bowing and earth above sinking

Retaining wall Bowing and earth above sinking.. please help

contractor, set a base, set draining pipes and leveled and graded .. maybe he did not compact enough ?

since wall is moving can i anchor it down
and then top fill and compact ?

also we received torrential rainfall over last week and this was done 2 weeks ago so the wall is brand spanking new.

see pic below


please help
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Get the contractor and whoever built the wall back to fix the problem. Somebody screwed up. Good Luck
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i agree but i need to be cleverer with contractor.. what could be the issue - Contractor says that torrential rainfall was not covered and we could not predict this would happen. I think he is BS'ing but i need to be more informed as to what he did wrong so i can specify what i need.
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what kind of wall - gravity or engineered ? how tall ? stamped pro drawngs ? building permit ? licensed contractor ? backfilling done in compacted lifts ? proper drainage incorporated in design & construction ? contract terms ? you MAY be able to anchor the wall to prevent further lateral movement but doubtful,,, that's why we like to build 'em right the 1ST time it

we've got the same issue now @ condo complex which requires a pe even tho i know what needs to be done
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What did he use to backfill the wall with? Is should be 2 1/2" stone or other well-drained material least 1 foot thick behind the wall all the way to the top.
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If the heavy rain caused the wall to bow and backfill to sink, that should have happened to every single wall in your immediate area. Take a drive, doing an informal wall survey with your camera, taking pictures of all similar walls, whether they are bowing or not.

If yours is the only bowed wall to be found, present your findings to the alleged contractor, making it very plain to him that he will see you in court very soon if he refuses to make it right. And this time around, make sure you or someone you trust is there to monitor and document what he is doing.

P.S. Your linked pix didn't come through.
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We have no picture so where all going to have to make guesses without it.
Should not matter how much rain there was if it was built right.
"Set a base tells us nothing"
We have no idea how high it even is.
No idea what type soil your dealing with because of no location mentioned.
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No permit?

Any soil borings?

Any drawings?

Any specifications?

Was it built according to the specs AND verified?

Based on the information supplied, it looks like a very lax owner and a "Act of God". Thank God that no one was hurt in the failure (failure means inability to preform as expected). I don't think God ever lost in court.

Surprising that retaining wall over 4' could be allowed without a permit. If not required, the damages are the responsibility of the wall owner.

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Without a picture, size and style of the wall blocks (is it even made of retaining wall blocks?), height, foundation basics and most importantly, the finished height of the wall no one can state with any authority anything about this wall.

Where I live a retaining wall may be made with medium-sized retaining wall blocks to a maximum of two feet in height, and if using large retaining wall blocks to a maximum of three feet in height, without benefit of a permit. Anything higher MUST be an engineered wall, with stamped (by a licensed engineer) drawings AND a building permit.

Xclaim, I am assuming that you attempted to use "tinypic" for hosting your pictures. Tinypic is NOT allowed by this forum. You can use many other photo hosting sites such as imgur or photobucket.

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