Lifted up a paver and found this, what is it?


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Lifted up a paver and found this, what is it?

I was lifting up pavers to prepare for someone to pour concrete, but found this. It had a rusty, eroded lid. no clue what it is, the house was built in the 60's. Is it safe to just fill it with dirt?

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Dig it out a bit to see if there is anything there.

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If you have a septic tank, it could be a marker for the clean out cover and I would not cover with cement. Dig around the rusty metal to see if anything is attached at the bottom. If not and you are sure it has nothing top do with a septic tank, remove the rusty piece and proceed. If something is attached to the bottom of the rusty metal piece, it could be anything. Call the local building inspector. If he can't help, maybe he can suggest someone who knows the properties in the area. Good luck.
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Your local heath dept may have a record of the septic tank location.
Just can not imagine a building inspector having a clue what it is.
Could be lots of things, without cleaning it out there's no way anyone on the net can do anything but guess.
Drain clean out, sprinkler shut off, main water shut off, Ect.
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How close is it to your buildings ? . . . . any downspouts ?

I can't tell; but is there 3 inlets and one outlet ?

Given how shallow it is, I'm thinking it was intended to consolidate water from your roof gutters and downspouts to direct run-off toward a storm sewer . . . . while serving as a catch basin.

I can't help but think of Snake Skin when I look at that photo !
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reminds me of a septic tank pumpout/inspection cover,,, why not get a 6' crowbar & start punching it down ?
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I reached in today with a glove on, and all that's in there is some creamy stuff that's orange from rust. It's like the consistency of cake icing. I'm just going to dig it out, whatever it is is definitely not working anymore, and we don't have septic tanks here now (I'm not sure if we ever did in this area).

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