Locating a leak in an above grade block wall?


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Locating a leak in an above grade block wall?

I have a cinder block wall. Block is two cell 16x8x8. Outside is stucco and has been painted. The wall is 24' by 10' and is the side wall for the garage. on top of the wall is the 1st floor of the home and is frame with red brick exterior. Above is the roof peak which is vinyl siding. The siding has been replaced by a professional. The leak existed before the new siding as well. Most times when it rains there is no issue, however when the rain hits that wall directly, i get moisture in my garage but only in a certain area about a foot wide. This is not condensation. as it only happens when it rains and then only when it hits that wall.
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Can anyone provide any tips on the best way to identify the leak? What kind of professional would be best to call?
Thanks in advance.
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Probably a problem with the way the brick was installed. They probably didn't use any sort of brick ledge flashing, or weeps. The brick may also be tight to the wall when it should have an air space.

I would call a mason who should be able to use a diamond saw to cut the mortar out in the area you suspect... remove and save the brick for reinstallation later.

If it is what I suspect, he will be able to give you the best advice for how to fix it. I'm guessing he could tooth out and repair a small area, but not a large one.
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You could rent an Infrared camera for a day and inspect inside and out. You would want the outside to have dried well to be able to see the effects of the remaining moisture. But those cameras are extremely sensitive to the temperature differences caused by any moisture.

Gravity tells you where to look, above the stain.

Did they leave weep holes in the top area of the brick?

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I would test it with a hose. Start from the bottom & work your way up. Have someone inside while you spray outside or the other way around.
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It would be interesting to see a better picture of what they did where that vinyl siding meets the brick in the area your calling a threshold. (the real name is flashing)

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