Brick Foundation on Concrete Footer- Cracking/Missing Bricks


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Brick Foundation on Concrete Footer- Cracking/Missing Bricks

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I just recently purchased a new home with a small crack in the front foundation (which I thought was concrete at the time- not a big deal) Well in the process of installing tie downs for a new sheer wall, I have come to find out that the front of the living room is actually an extension of the primary concrete foundation wall, however it is built from brick! The brick sits on a 6" footer, and the subfloor/wall sits directly on top of the brick. Anyways, while drilling I blew out some of the brick, from where the crack was, to where the hole was drilled (about 1') I went ahead and removed the loose bricks for the time being, and now plan to form a short foundation wall on top of the footer. I planned to also tear up some of the subfloor in order to form another area behind the bricks that are missing/loose.

Am I doing this right? I epoxied some 1/2" rebar into the footer, and I was going to form both sides of the brick foundation and fully encapsulate the 2-3' portion of brick wall which is cracked and damaged. Should I re-install the bricks, or just pour the new foundation wall up to the bottom of the subfloor/wall and then put my tie-down into that new concrete wall? I planned to tie rebar through the area where the bricks are missing and fill all that with concrete. Should I also remove the remainder of the 1-2' section of brick in the damaged area down to the footer before pouring, basically making a whole new section of foundation wall from concrete instead of brick.

WOW, hopefully that all makes sense, I've also attached photos as well- you can see in the photos the actual foundation wall beyond the brick "built-out" foundation. Starting to think this front portion of the living room may have been an add-on.
Im in NorCal and the house was built in 1969. Any advice would be appreciated!!Name:  IMG_4237.jpg
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That brickwork definitely appears to be a poorly-done addition. Your plan should be an improvement, although it could use some horizontal rebar in addition to the vertical bars. If it was mine, the entire brick wall(s) would be either lined or completely replaced with reinforced concrete.

Hint--Don't pour any concrete on top of the dirty footings without thoroughly cleaning them first. You want new concrete to bond to the existing; rebar alone won't cut it. Do the cleaning before setting any forms.
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Since you are in California I assume you have strict building codes relating to footers and foundation walls for earthquake protection. The codes will specify the minimum construction you must meet.

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